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The Group's Strategies

At the heart of a highly digitised, fast-growing society in the Nordic region

Nets is well positioned to capitalise on structural growth in the Nordic region, which has among the highest adoption rates of digital payments in the world and is one of the most attractive regions for digital payment providers in Europe. This is driven by the high speed at which Nordic consumers have traditionally adopted new technologies, the region’s stable economies and the wider political push for digitisation. These factors are supported by generally supportive government policies which encourage further digitisation (e-ID networks, e-archiving etc.).

A well-diversified business model and leading provider of services in the Nordic payments ecosystem

Nets is a leading provider of payment solutions across the Nordics. Nets is present at nearly every point in the digital payment value chain, from providing the merchant solution, to acquiring transactions, to clearing and processing transactions for issuers, and more. This position provides Nets with a number of competitive benefits: it brings an ability to drive adoption of new payment solutions (for example, contactless products), while enabling the Company to maintain its strong position in both card payments and account-based payments.

Well-positioned with an innovative and scalable platform

Nets has continuously invested in security and stability, scalable and flexible IT platforms, innovation with new product launches, whilst reducing costs. This has resulted in Nets achieving scale economics on its platforms. Despite an increase in annual investment spending on IT, Nets’ IT costs per transaction have also decreased from 2014 to 2016.

A robust and attractive financial profile

Nets has a stable and predictable revenue model, with significant repeat business from existing customers and a high customer retention rate. Following its transformation over the past two years, Nets also has a track record of growth, balanced across all three business segments.

Multiple drivers of future growth and further upside opportunities

Nets is a leading provider of digital payment services and related technology solutions in the Nordic region. The Company believes it will benefit from the continued conversion of cash payments to electronic payments and from the underlying growth in e- and m-commerce. Nets also has a pipeline of new products, which are expected to drive revenue growth across all three business segments.