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Nets is a leading provider of digital payment services and related technology solutions across the Nordic region. Nets sits at the centre of the digital payments ecosystem and operates a deeply entrenched network which connects merchants, corporate customers, financial institutions and consumers enabling them to make and receive payments as well as, increasingly, utilise value-added services to help them improve their respective activities.

Nets’ customer-facing activities are organised into three business segments:

Merchant Services provides in-store, online and mobile payment acceptance solutions to merchants across the Nordic region from large corporate chains to small and medium-sized enterprises and micro-merchants. In 2016, Merchant Services acquired transactions from more than 300,000 merchants, including over 30,000 online merchants, in the Nordic region and the Baltic countries.

Financial & Network Services, which provides outsourced processing services to more than 240 issuers of payment cards, primarily banks, in the Nordic region as well as complementary services including card management systems, fraud and dispute solutions, and mobile wallet technology. In 2016, Financial & Network Services processed transactions initiated by approximately 35 million cards. Nets also operates and processes the national debit card schemes in Denmark and Norway, Dankort and BankAxept, respectively.

Corporate Services, which comprises Nets’ account-based payments business and provides the payment platform for recurring payments and credit transfer transactions for more than 240,000 corporate customers, primarily in Denmark and Norway. At the centre of this business is the ability to provide seamless and integrated solutions for recurring payments to corporate customers and consumers. This business also includes solutions for real-time clearing and settlement, which provides for instant payments across bank accounts, Digital ID and value-added digitisation services.

Nets employs approximately 2,400 employees in six countries (Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Estonia, and Latvia). In 2016, Nets processed more than 7.7 billion issuing and acquiring transactions, served a network of more than 300,000 merchants and 240 banks, maintained contracts with more than 240,000 corporate customers for payment services and managed over 8 million digital identities.

Key facts


merchants including 30.000+ online.


of the Danish households use our product Betalingsservice for recurring bill payments.


payment cards were handled by Nets in 2016.