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Financial overview

Key Financials1
DKK millions  2016 2015 2014 2013
Revenue 7,385 6,836 6,546 6,727
EBITDA before Special Items 2,619 2,248 1,663 1,525
EBITDA before Special Items margin 35,5% 32,9% 25,4% 22,7%
Adjusted net profit 997 1,328 N/A N/A
Employees (year-end FTE) 2,427 2,578 2,861 2,290

1 Presented financials for 2015 are Nassa Topco while financials for 2013 and 2014 are Nets Holding A/S. Revenue, is gross revenues net of interchange fees and processing fees. Special Items are costs or income that cannot be attributed directly to the Operating Group’s ordinary activities and therefore adjusted for to allow a more comparable view of underlying operating performance. Special Items costs included reorganisation and restructuring costs, costs associated with business set-up, acquisitions and disposals, and Transformation Programme costs. Adjusted net profit as calculated by Nets, represents net profit for the period before amortisation of business combination intangibles & impairment losses and Special Items, less net financial income, less the tax effect of these adjustments.

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