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IR policy

1. Introduction

1.1 This Investor Relations Policy (the “Policy”) is established by the Board of Directors of Nets A/S, CVR no. 37 42 74 97 (the “Company”) and sets the framework for the Company’s communication with the investors, potential investors, analysts and other stakeholders in the capital market.

2. Overall objectives

2.1 The Company will aim to comply with the following objectives:

  • We will through continuous dialogue, ensure that all investors have the opportunity to make known their opinions about the business activities of the Company and its strategic and commercial development;
  • We strive to be visible and accessible to current and potential investors, and seek to achieve this by communicating with financial markets through the Company website, company announcements, press releases, conference calls, investor presentations, and direct communication with key stakeholders;
  • We will ensure timely, equal and adequate access to relevant information by communicating to the financial markets as a basis for regular trading and fair pricing of the Company’s shares;
  • We will ensure that the Company operates according to good corporate governance recommendations and complies with the rules and regulation for companies listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen A/S; and
  • ensure that relevant information is channeled back from the capital market to the Board of Directors and the Executive Management, as applicable.

3. Communication

3.1 The Company’s communication will be professional and effective and the Company will ensure a good and sound relationship with the investors, potential investors, analysts and other stakeholders.

3.2 In order for this, the Company will communicate in a way that is:

  • Honest, responsible and consistent, clear and understandable;
  • adequately and timely;
  • consistent with our core values and strategy; and
  • treating our investors with fairness and respect.

3.3 Through an effective communication, the Company strive to inform and engage the investors by dialogue and openness in the Company.

 4. Investor Relations Strategy

4.1 The Company’s key priorities in relation to investor relations are to:

  • Target a broad coverage by Danish and international analysts and to be well known among institutional investors, as well as among Danish private investors;
  • communicate with the investors, analysts and other stakeholders in the capital market through company announcements, website, conference calls, capital market days and other activities directed at investors, analysts and the financial media;
  • hold presentations for investors and analysts and participate on industry conferences; and
  • hold frequent investor meetings, including road shows.  

5. Investor Relations Practices

5.1 Authorised spokespersons

The following persons are authorised to communicate with the investment community: The Chairman of the Board of Directors, the CEO, the CFO or the Investor Relations Department.

In addition, other persons may communicate with the investment community on a specific matter if they are instructed and authorised to do so by the above mentioned persons.

Investors and other stakeholders should only rely on statements made by the above mentioned persons.

Investor relations aim to participate in all interactions between the Company’s representatives and capital market stakeholders.

5.2 Company announcements and financial reporting

Company announcements are published in accordance with applicable law and regulation and the rules for companies listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen A/S and will be made available on the Company's website immediately when released.

Annual and interim financial reports will be published in English, and will be made available on the Company's website immediately when released.

5.3 Quiet period

For a period of four weeks prior to release of the annual and interim financial reports, the Company maintains a quiet period and therefore does not comment on or discuss any matters related to financial results or expectations.

5.4 Conference calls

Upon the release of financial statements and other major news, the company will host conference calls. Such conference calls can be followed live from the Company's website with accompanying presentations.

5.5 Presentations

Presentations from conference calls, investor meetings and the like are available on the Company's website as soon as possible.

5.6 Capital markets days and similar events

The Company arranges Capital Markets Days and similar events as needed. All relevant investor relations stakeholders are invited to these events. Information about upcoming events is published on the Company's website and corresponding presentations will be made available on the website from the start of the event or as soon as possible thereafter.

5.7 Meetings with investors and analysts

On a regular basis, the Company holds group meetings and one-to-one meetings with investors and analysts. In these meetings, the communication will be based solely on publically available information.

5.8 Road show partner selection criteria

For selection of road show partner the following criteria will apply:

  • The analyst follows the Company closely, e.g. publish research reports on a regular basis;
  • the bank must ensure meetings with both existing shareholders and potential investors, and must be capable to arrange meetings with investors with an interest in the Company and/or the industry;
  • the Company can request to meet certain investors, even if these investors are not an existing client of the bank.

5.9 Investor Relations website

The Company has an investor relations section on its website, which will include share and investor related information, company announcements, financial calendar, financial reports, presentations as well as a number of other investor related matters. It will be possible to subscribe to company announcements, press releases and other news on the investor relations section on the Company’s website.

5.10 Evaluation of the Investor Relations Department            

The Investor Relations Department’s performance is evaluated regularly by means of perception studies or other surveys to ensure that the department receives relevant input from stakeholders.


This Policy is approved by the Board of Directors of Nets A/S on 9 September 2016.