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Diversity policy

1. Introduction

1.1 In accordance with Section 139a of the Danish Companies Act and the Danish Recommendations on Corporate Governance, Nets A/S, CVR no. 37 42 74 97 (the “Company” or “Nets”) has adopted this diversity policy (the “Policy”).

1.2 The Policy sets out the Company’s policy for increasing the diversity among the members of the Board of Directors of the Company and at other management levels.

1.3 The targets set out in this Policy shall apply to the Company as well as to each of the Company’s Danish subsidiaries which are independently subject to the requirements set out in Section 139a(2) of the Danish Companies Act.

2. Purpose

2.1 The Company regards diversity as an important prerequisite for operating a healthy, forward-looking company, and this is included as a parameter of the Company’s overarching Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) work. The Company seeks to be an attractive workplace for both women and men, and endeavours to ensure that women and men have equal opportunities for furthering their careers and for attaining and occupying management positions.

2.2 It is important to Nets that executives have the right skill-set, irrespective of gender.
It is the Company’s objective to have as many skilled candidates of both genders to choose from when filling management positions. For this reason, Nets strives to broaden the field of candidates as much as possible, and the Company’s employment procedures are designed to give men and women equal opportunities to apply for and obtain management positions.

3. Target for the underrepresented gender among the members of the Board of Directors

3.1 The Board of Directors of Nets has reached the target of including at least one female board member elected by the general meeting by the end of 2017 bringing the Company in line with Danish industry average. The Board of Directors aims to retain this target for the Company and seeks to reach the same target of including a least one female board member elected by the general meeting by the end of 2017 for each of its Danish subsidiaries which independently are subject to the requirements set out in Section 139a(2) of the Danish Companies Act.

4. Target for the underrepresented gender among for other executives

4.1 Nets seeks to approach a gender balance (40/60) of capable female and male executives.

5. Description of initiatives

5.1 Nets wants to ensure good conditions and development opportunities for all executives, and to continuously develop their management skills. In practice, this is observed as follows:

• all management vacancies are advertised internally
• the end of each job advertisement encourages anyone interested in the job to apply, irrespective of gender, age, race, religion or ethnicity
• all executives are offered continuous management development
• regular management development appraisals are held with the line manager
• a sensible work/life balance is offered to reconcile the demands of working life and family life
• executives are given constructive feedback and evaluations with a focus on how they can improve their performance via annual employee satisfaction surveys which also include manager evaluation
• managerial desires and ambitions are covered in annual employee development interviews
• when conducting job interviews, we endeavour to ensure that both sexes are represented on the list of relevant candidates and
• as far as possible, at least one manager/employee of each gender participates in the recruitment committee.

6. Follow-up and reporting

6.1 The Executive Management is responsible for the policy of approaching a gender balance of executives. The Human Resources unit ensures that employment procedures are adhered to, and that managers have the prescribed dialogue about development and training. Human Resources records the trend in the proportion of women in management. This is reported to the Board of Directors once a year.

6.2 The Company reports on the Policy annually and in accordance with applicable law and regulations. The Policy is part of the Company’s reporting of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) set in the management review in the annual report.


This Policy is approved by the Board of Directors of Nets A/S on 9 September 2016 and as amended on 21 December 2016.